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Inergy Systems

The Energy Conductor (TEC)

The Energy Conductor (TEC) is a Z-Wave-based Smart Energy Management System (SEMS), with cellular (LTE) capabilities.
$1,250.00 excl tax
Inergy Systems

Z-Wave Energy Meter

Z-Wave enabled smart energy meter. For use with The Energy Conductor (TEC) Smart Energy Management System (SEMS).
$475.00 excl tax
Inergy Systems

Smart Panel 3000 Residential Solar Bundle (Web)

Smart Panel SYSTEM, Solar, Residential, 4-Relay, 4 Aux Monitor, PLE Network, Gateway, 1 Yr. ICS Inergy Systems will contact you to assure the system being...
$2,595.00 excl tax
Plus $20.00 shipping surcharge